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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
The crazy guy is so committed to dailies that he does them practically every day, we find it hard to keep up with him!
Wait you don’t have to do dailies? I thought you told me you would have ratdog killed if I didn’t do dailies…

Yes, I’m slow…but I am consistent. I’m like the tortoise, it may take me awhile, but I will get there. Getting faster as I’m getting enough equipment that I don’t have to heal between every battle and solo I don’t have to wait for flyby to cool before going on to the next battle since I’ve upgraded my weapons.

Dailies can be a real bore, but almost every day I see something unique and sometimes funny. Yesterday I let my native attempt helpful matter almost be my undoing. Was finishing dailies on Belsavis. The Oasis Republic Post is pretty isolated on the northern part of the Belsavis map. Had just finished the last mission and heading back to the outpost to get my credits and commendations. I stealth to exit the tomb without attracting unneeded attention as I got to the top of the ramp I saw a battle between two strongs and a republic gunslinger. His companion was already dead and his health bar was going down quick. Without really paying attentions I ordered my DPS to attack one of the mob, while I used a flash grenade on the other before I hit the gunslinger with a small and then large heal. Of course, I got that dreaded sound that I was now PVP flagged. Wasn’t overly worried about it because I was done for the day, finished the battle and headed back to the outpost.

For those under 50 these outposts are really small. Basically a couple droids for security from the wildlife and a medical droid, even the quest givers are merely holo npcs. Well I get to the outpost and I’m about to turn in the quest when the message pops up, “Can’t do that while in combat.” Figured I attracted some of the wildlife surrounding the outpost on my speeder ride in, hear the droids open fire…look around to see a imp sith die a quick death at the hands of the droids. Not sure how they got him so fast. If in his stalking me, he was not ready for them to notice him. Remembered hearing that familiar tone of the droids noticing a stealth character right before I attempt to hit the halo, didn’t really pay attention because my character hears that sound all the time only directed at her.

I lol, got my 3 commendations and qt out of there before someone came back. I’ve seen that character in the area before, but this is the first time I’ve been flagged when not in a group in that area. So anyone Flagged in this area of Belsavis, watch your back.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Of course, there's no rush, everyone has their own pace.
That isn’t what you told me….You told me to hurry up and get to 50 and then you told me to hurry up and get my implants… You’re nicer on the forum than you are on Skype. xp

I have my crewskills in BioChem at 50, so anyone that need some implants, stims, adrenals or medpacs, give me a yell. I even have medpacs for under 50's that not only heal you, but your companion with one application. Not going to guarantee I can make it that second, but I will get it quick. My inventor has been somewhat depleted making stims for a certain person that will remain nameless.

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