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Originally Posted by Tinny View Post
That would seriously suck if the next JK game was unmoddable and the only extensions it had were DLCs >_<
um... yeah. that would. i wouldnt even consider it a JK game if that were the case. lol that would be disgraceful.

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
You are absolutley right. Main problem is convincing Lucasarts that this game will make them money. I mean BFII is said to be the best selling Star Wars game of all time, and yet no sequel ever saw the light of day. Bottom line, Lucasarts does not subscribe to the "if you build it they will come" process. So I guess have fun with your wii clone wars games and nods for ten year old games.
that is true. the people at lucasarts seem kind of stupid when you put it that way. BFII was a massive success and they could have made millions off a sequel, but they never did. same with the jedi knight series. its a sad shame... smh

Originally Posted by Master Temporal View Post
I thought the same thing too.

BTW I just KNEW Jan wasn't dead in JO.

I think the story line for both JO and JA were geared for ages 8 and up. It comes off as kind of corny in some places, I thought other parts were pretty clever and funny, like when Kyle says to Luke "You ALWAYS sense a disturbance in the Force", stuff like that :-)

A more hard core version might alienate some of the younger players.
yeah, for sure. i actually liked the JO plotline and cutscenes; but in JKA seemed like the writers were trying too hard to be funny and witty, and the whole storyline suffered from it because of the lack of attention to creating an actually decent plot.

and honestly, i dont think JO was intended for a young audience... JKA definitely was though; think about the difficulty of the levels... JO was definitely harder and the plotline was not nearly as juvenile as JKA. i dont know why they started off so well and then suddenly directed the sequel to younger kids, but youd have to ask someone at LucasArts bout that.

anyway, even if it was directed at a younger audience for JKA, i think that due to the massive modding community that has sprung up, the audience is definitely older now, and a more hardcore JK4 would be a better option. a dramatic plotline and a tad more violence, you know?

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