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just to clarify: I understand that since it'd be using TSL, you wouldn't be able to simply reskin the areas from KoTOR, but have to be built from scratch. haha

So after escaping The Exchange and leaving Nar Shaddaa, the shuttle takes the party to Raxus Prime. When you land the ship falls into the toxic waste of the planet and you discover that Czerka, now no longer as big as it had been before, has taken over the trash and salvage operations on the planet. And yes, they're just as annoying as ever. They've basically enslaved Jawas to do the manual labor (though the Jawas are "paid" -- just enough to barely get by.) There is a side quest entitled Jawa Liberation. As you would guess, a Jawa asks for your assistance in helping them and you can take this info to Czerka who will make an example out of that Jawa or you can lead the revolt. This would require animations for the Jawas, like combat animations which aren't in the vanilla game but I think I read something about exactly these animations with another mod? Not sure.

This is also the planet where you fight through many droids. Other enemies include mutated mynocks (or something haha), and bounty hunters/scavengers. Eventually you find a temple very similar to the Telos Academy and inside you meet Brianna (I know she only joined the Exile if male but canonically it says she joined the Exile so yeah). She reveals you had a highly top secret mission, as you'd already know from the Republic Soldier and that you went to various other planets in your search for the Hidden Jedi who each gave another piece of the mystery to you. The planets were: Corellia, Ilum, Alderaan, Tatooine, Korriban, and Naboo before heading into the furthest reaches of the Unknown Regions. However you tell Brianna about how the ship sunk and she tellsyou that Bao-Dur also resides on the planet and that he most likely has a way off. You then head out to find him.

Along the way is when you pick up HK-47. Arriving at the location of Bao-Dur the Zabrak tells you he has a surprise and reveals the Ebon Hawk. The only missing thing...a working hyperdrive. When you tell him about the fate of your last ship, he tells you that the hyperdrive may in fact still function if it was in a safe enough compartment of the ship. Returning to the Czerka Outpost, you have to acquire a EV Diving Suit. There are a few ways to get it. If you've already led the Jawa Revolt, you can simply ask the Jawa leader for it, or you can lead the revolt then then ask. If you've already told Czerka about the Jawas you can ask and they will let you rent one for 100 credits. He can be Persuaded down to 50 credits or you can Force Persuade to get it free. If you haven't done anything regarding the Jawas and don't intend to. You can sneak into the back with a stealth field generator. If you're caught at all, they send you back out and want to fine you.

Going under the toxic waste and retrieving the hyperdrive, you return to the Ebon Hawk only to be confronted by three Sith Apprentices who follow Darth Omyn. After dispatching them, you can enter the Ebon Hawk and can finally choose which planets you wish to visit.

Let's just say you choose Tatooine. The Ebon Hawk lands in the same Anchorhead docking bay as the original KoTOR only much more rundown and no longer run by Czerka. You are instead confronted by a gamorrean demanding payment. The usual options: kill him, persuade him otherwise, pay up. He's also not helpful at all if you have questions. You can visit the Hunting Lodge and you will find some of the same hunters there...only now there are many more thugs who hunt. The Hunting Lodge owner is now a Twi-Lek working for Motta and they also deal in Bounty HUNTING. (there's a quest involving the previous one). Motta resides in the original Swoop Registration building (whichnow has a few separate rooms. You can also sign up and win racing bonds as well as bet on races. He also has other bounty hunting jobs for you to follow. The original Czerka building is now a place where civilians are dwell who are too poor for a place of their own. Yuka Laka still runs his droid shop and will be surprised to see HK-47. You can threaten him with HK-47 to force him to give up all of his credits (3750) and this will force him to run away (DS obviously).

Like Tatooine in the the original KoTOR which had respawning Wraids, this would have that as well as respawning "bounties." The Mandalorian Enclave, established by Mandalore the Dominant after betraying Canderous on Dxun and moving the clan. The enclave is actually more fortified version of the Tusken Raider camp. This is where you can help Canderous take back his title as Mandalore.

I still have a looooot more ideas haha but that's just another set.
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