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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
For those here who liked KOTOR/TSL but dislike TOR, I'm wondering what your reasons are, apart from monthly fee, etc. I'm level 18 and I don't know how many hours in (40?), and it pretty much feels like a much expanded KOTOR, give or take.

No hatin', just curious.
Prime, I know there some people who dislike TOR simply because it isn't KIII. I don't dislike it, in fact I'm in love with the graphics and the gameplay and story are very much like Kotor1. I think that a lot of us just figured that with the huge gap between when TSL and TOR came out that there could have been a III part released, hopefully something that would have shed some light on that downer/cliffhanger ending that was K2. I'm all for TOR, I still would like a KIII if it ever happens even if it's for the next gen of consoles.
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