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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
Besides those feelings, I also dislike TOR because of its MMORPG format.
Can't argue with that...

Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
I'm a KOTOR fanboy, and I like to think that the story I developed playing KOTOR and TSL was as much uniquely mine as possible.
That makes sense to me too, but are you sure this isn't a argument for not making KOTOR III. I mean if they make a third game, wouldn't they have to use a default choices (canon Revan and canon Exile)? Wouldn't that make your story's uniqueness moot?

Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
That feeling gets lost (at least to me) somewhat when completing a quest I see another real player in the game, especially when they have a vulgar screen name (ex: something like...luvs2splurge; well this is not that vulgar but I think you get the point). This occurs a lot, especially during my short tenure playing WoW. T
That happens zero, none nought, nil with TOR for me, why because; 1. TOR controls what names can be used. 2. You can turn off name plates. 3. Sure some quest you will see people also doing the quest, but many of the important and class quest you get your own instance, so there is no one else around unless you are doing the quest with a group of friends.

Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
For a story-driven game, I prefer that dynamic.
Again, can't argue with that, but TOR gave me that. No clue about other MMOs, like WOW, have not played them, but my understanding is that unlike TOR they are not story driven.

Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
but for what it does to the canon of Revan and the Exile, and because it is a KOTOR game in MMORPG format I dislike it.
I feel the same way, but then I would feel the same way about a KOTOR III RPG if my playthroughs of KOTOR and TSL meant nothing and they went with canon Revan and canon Exile.
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