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I actually play and enjoy TOR again now because I hit 50, strange I know as a massive amount of people hate post-50.
for me it was for the reasons mentioned in this thread, It wasn't my story, it was everyones story, and there are no real choices in the end, Companions arent unique, neither is gear or appearance choices. I hated every second of the leveling process, and I hit that space bar like a man possessed, I have no idea what I did or said for 49 levels, I just clicked space bar and attacked the guy with the red nameplate.
But, now I'm 50 I can log in, PVP, do some Ops, RP with my friends and do what MMO's do. I love this game for what it is, but it is in no shape or form an acceptable replacement for KotOR III. Love the Lore, RP, Graphics, CGI Trailers, PVP (Still low standard, but I expect changes in 1.2)

With the changes coming in the next patch, and hopefully Server transfers, appearance tab and barber shop coming one day, this is a great MMO, and I'm happy playing it, but they shouldn't of put so much money and effort in to a story I cannot enjoy due to the nature of how I like to play MMO's.

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