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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Some new renditions. New head model. Bald guy with long hair. Much happier with this version

Show spoiler

The dangly hair is purely a test thing.

As is the hair texture (though the general shape is what I intend for it to look like)

The goatee is also a test thing.

Chime in and comment.

Very nice indeed. Also to the previous posts, you have to keep in mind that Revans hair and features would most likely have changed after the memory wipe, rather then before, so that those that knew Revan before his memory wipe would not be able to recognize him as easy. Although he swore, never, to take off the mask until the Cathars had been avenged, which would be unrealistic, since he would need to feed (People would notice him), sleep and shower.

If you choose not to make a head with the beard, can you atleast make an extra head that can be added (optional) for those that prefer the full beard?
The beard itself may have only taken form, during the time when Revan exiled himself into the unkown regions to search for the "True Sith Empire". You could imagine the similarities between Revan during that time, in comparrison to a man lost in the wilderness, low on supplies and without a razor :P
Just a guess.
Eitherway, anyone who completes this mod deserves more then a pat on the back.
Will this head be for K1 only? Or will it be introduced to k2 at somepoint (or along with the mod)?

Sorry about the fail grammar XD

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