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Jedi vs Sith
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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
adamqd, what class were you? Or was it not the story that mattered, just the concept. I tried the Jedi and Sith, but so far the only stories that have captured my attention were the smuggler, agent and trooper.
I have a level 50 BM (Valor 63) Sorcerer, and I love post-50, its what I do in MMO's. I have limited time so I like to log on, PVP bit of RP, look around and Log. While I was leveling I only had an hour or two at a time, and that sent me crazy! It takes that long to get from the fleet to your quest on some planets so I was leveling horrifically slow, and there was too much time between stories so I grew completely disconnected from my adventure. So at around level 32 I just spaced bar raged it all and shot for goal. I prefer my SPRPG quality stories to be in an SPRPG setting, its my story not 600,000 other Sorcerers

I do have a few alts, but again, I cant deal with the linear slow leveling process. I love KotOR, its my favorite game, but when I play MMO's I afk grind to cap, then get geared and create my own story. So yea its the concept more than the writing standard.

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