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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
I'm wondering if Me3 is an example that Bioware has reached the budget ceiling which is determined by EA.
I don't think that is the problem. A lot of people seem to be trying to rationalise the endings as something other than just piss-poor writing, and one of those rationalisations is they ran out of time/money. That's not the case. You can see from the script leak and that new Final Hours app that was released that these were the intended endings for a long time. They just tried to be edgy and artistic and instead fell flat on their face.

Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Can Bioware make a game bigger then ME3 or Dragon Age Origins? Has the budget ceiling been maxed out?
I would say they will never again make a game with as long a development cycle as Origins. That was in development for over 5 years - it's extremely unlikely you'll ever see that again. By the same token, hopefully they learned their lesson with short dev cycle of DA2. ME3 had pretty much an average AA dev cycle of about 18-24 months. That's what I would be expecting for most of their future games.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
you'll see something embarrassing.
To be fair, while they did completely rip off the composition of a stock image in that instance, it's not as bad as the portrait debacle where they did a 5 sec Photoshop job on it. They at least recreated the scene in 3D.

To be honest, neither instance makes much sense when you see how much concept art is done during development. It's obvious they are not short on talented artists capable of coming up with all manner of great ideas. I'm sure they could have easily come up with something original if they wanted to. It just smacks of laziness more than anything.

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