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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
To be fair, while they did completely rip off the composition of a stock image in that instance, it's not as bad as the portrait debacle where they did a 5 sec Photoshop job on it. They at least recreated the scene in 3D.
I doubt they did that. It always looked like something done in Flash to me, but until last night I thought they did all the work. Now, I'm thinking they spent a couple of minutes in Photoshop on the background and simply did the silhouettes of the old man and the kid and some additional effects by themselves.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
To be honest, neither instance makes much sense when you see how much concept art is done during development. It's obvious they are not short on talented artists capable of coming up with all manner of great ideas. I'm sure they could have easily come up with something original if they wanted to. It just smacks of laziness more than anything.
Exactly. That's why it's so surprising and disappointing to see corners cut on stuff like these.

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