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"Matriarch Ir'sai"

A voice from behind a very elegant Asari Matriarch requested her attention. She turned around to face the source of the voice. An Asari commando stood before Matriarch Ir'sai, one of the advisors of the Asari Military.

"Matriarch, the citadel council has requested a small group of commandos to reinforce security in the citadel. Apparently, the Blue Suns, The Eclipse and the Bloodpack are increasing their attempts to infiltrate and C-Sec is having a hard time shutting them out", the asari commando spoke almost as if she was reading from a report.

Matriarch Ir'sai simply paced a little around the room.

"Send Luna", Matriarch Ir'sai responded simply.

"Are you sure Matriarch? Luna is just a child..."

"And one of the most capable Asari Commandos the Academy has seen in the last couple of hundred years. We'll see if the new intensive treatment pays off", the Matriarch interrupted. "The whole point of the project was creating Commandos who could stand on their own against heavy numbers. Thei biotics and combat training strained to the point of almost perfection."

The Asari commando before her softened her expression.

"But is it alright to send your own daughter?", the Asari asked.

"Luna is very special, not only because her "father" was a Quarian. This is the time to prove how special she is", Matriarch Ir'sai replied.

"In anticipation of your words, I brought Luna along. Would you like to speak to her?", the asari asked.

Matriarch Ir'sai's eyes widened.

"I-It's probably best that I do not, fill her in yourself. I have not been a part of my daughter's life since I surrendered her to the Academy", The matriarch said and turned to face the window of her office.

"Very well Matriarch", the commando said and left.

As she went outside she walked over to Luna, who as usual had left her seat in the waiting room and was talking with a bunch of Asari personnel and was actually laughing quite loudly.

"Luna!", the commando spoke.

"O-Oh! Um sorry, nice to meet all of you! Hope to see you again!", she said and ran over to the commando.

"Chief Karra! Sorry, I just haven't visited this place much so I kinda got bored just sitting there", Luna said.

"Sergeant, the Matriarch will see you at another time. She is busy", Chief Karra said with a tint of pity on her voice.

Luna simply smiled like usual and just shook her head.

"It can't be helped right? It's ok, I'll see her later", Luna said.

"We got to go to the Citadel, you remember what we talked about? You'll be reporting to Commander Bailey of C-Sec. Let's go", she replied.

"Understood, will you be travelling with me?", Luna asked.

"Yes, then I'll tend to some business with the Councilor and come back to the Academy", Chief Karra said.

"Shall we?", Luna said and both of the left for the shuttle bay.

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