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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
So you both are saying Revan and the Exile would not be included in game? Because otherwise their apperence would be a very minor plot-affecting detail, but HUGE in what makes my Revan or Exile mine. That would work, but still suffer the fanboy rage...
Short answer: you can't please everyone, all of the time. Longer answer: "IF" a K3 were ever to be made I wouldn't want to see Revan or Exile physically appear in it, this is kind of the same beef I have with them being in TOR and given 1 official canonical face; it kind of whitewashes the original playthroughs I had with Revan (at least for me anway) because it's like "who's this guy? That's not what (my) Revan looked like!". Now having supporting characters like Carth, Bastila, etc return is a sensible idea, just not as the player character - that role should always be whom the player picks out from the beginning. Besides while I've wanted closure on the whole Revan/Exile story I think that there could be ways to tie up loose ends or at least act as a lead-in to TOR which would explain why they are no longer in the known regions without needing them to physically appear in the game.
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