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Chapter I - The encounter

"C'mon pretty-face, show us what you got..." a drunk Chiss shouted throughout the bar, as Jaris Vamor, a seventeen years old human boy, kept barely standing, after having drunk already several Corellian Ale's.

"Yeah, you're the one who kept boasting about your endurance... Bottoms up!" an off-duty mercenary said while slamming a cup of Corellian Ale on the counter.

The entire bar started yelling and encouraging, as Jaris looked reluctantly at the cup. "What the hell have I been thinking..." he thought as he suppressed another feeling of vomiting. Eventually, after being slammed several times on his back, Jaris grabbed the cup and drank it all in one time. The entire bar erupted in cheers and laughing, as Jaris presented victoriously the empty cup. What an achievement...
Jaris Vamor was quite the troublemaker in the little, newly built town of Dreykin on the planet of Dantooine. Well, he didn't particularly walk down the criminal path, but whenever he appeared, one could be sure trouble would follow. If it wasn't a bar fight, then he would claim to be a trader, and sell non-existing goods to the folk visiting Dreykin. But hey, what could one expect from someone who had to make his own living since the age of fifteen, because his family out casted him...
Jaris didn't live all his live on Dantooine. He was actually the son of a wealthy and successful businessman, who owned and managed a large weapon plant on the planet of Ruan. Unfortunately, the Vamor family was very conservative, and when it turned out that Jaris wasn't only interested in the opposite sex, they literary threw him out of the family, denying him even his rightful inheritance. After that, Jaris immediately took the first best transport off Ruan, and ended up on Muunilinst, where he almost got thrown into jail, and afterwards came to Dantooine, to the little town of Dreykin.

Ten minutes after Jaris' oh-so great victory in the bar, he stood outside, near the garbage, puking... Luckily nobody saw him like this, it surely would have cost him his "bad-boy" image. When he felt there was nothing left to vomit, Jaris slowly stood up and overviewed the small town of Dreykin. Although it wasn't that large, the town had its charm, and of course the reputation to have many business opportunities, some even say more than they could give at Khoonda.
The town of Dreykin, was completed ten years ago, after facing a building period of forty years... The building process was constantly held up, because of the Republic's massive paperwork and some false financial complaints. Khoonda commissioned the construction of the city, as Dantooine faced a new build-up program. The program had been quite successful, as Dantooine had become a popular resort for traders, mercenary's and small-businessmen... and of course to people like Jaris, who would try to earn money in any way possible.
Jaris smiled slightly, as a warm breeze blew through his dark-blonde hair, slightly lifting his usually side-swept bang. He straightened his leather ribbed jacket, which he got from his father when he was fourteen, who had gotten it again from his father.
Qorus Vamor, Jaris' father, refused to ever speak about his father, and forbid Jaris to find out anything about him. Of course, like all rebellious teenagers did, Jaris didn't listen to his father and did some research in the family's digital library. He didn't find out much about his grandfather... only that he fought in the Mandalorian Wars, later also served in Revan's Special Ops during the Jedi Civil War, and at last ended up on Nar Shaddaa for a time... Other data was deleted, and by who? That was the big question Jaris asked himself even now...
Jaris never knew who his grandparents were or how they looked like. His parents were always so secretive about it. Jaris' mother told him once, just before his great secret was discovered, that he inherited his good-looks and character from his grandfather. Although Jaris was bisexual, he always knew how to act and talk with the women, and usually was very succesful with them, according to his mother this was also a trait his grandfather passed over to him.

Jaris took a deep breath and decided to go back to his small apartment in the lesser part of Dreykin. It was not much, but at least he had a roof over his head. When he turned however, suddenly he came to stand in front of a group of three men, and well, from the looks of them they looked just like thugs... The one who seemed to be the group leader, smiled foul and took a step forward.

"Jaris Vamor, right? I think we have a debt to settle..." he said while spitting on the ground.

Jaris tried to remain vigilant, and smiled friendly. "Guys, how nice to see you!" And this was the trouble that followed Jaris always.

How was it possible that these guys had tracked him all the way from Muunilinst to Dantooine!
Jaris was good in maintaining a poker face, so he looked at the thugs without letting them know how really afraid he was. The leader of the group thugs walked to Jaris while grabbing his blaster pistol and turning it around in his hand. He kept smiling foul, as he stood in front of Jaris.

"I have to admit you outsmarted us back on Muunilinst... Never knew you had so much brains... Still, I think I can say we did a good tracking job, didn't we, boys?" he said while looking back at the two other thugs.

Jaris looked at them as well, accidently blowing off his poker face.

"Now, now, Jaris... You don't have to be afraid. Give us back the creds for that piece of **** you sold me, and we'll be all fine..." The thug-leader continued.
Yeah, easier said than done... Jaris didn't have any credits or anything else that was valuable enough. Perhaps he could still get his ass out of this situation somehow?
Jaris put up his most honest and charming smile and looked reassuring at the thug-leader, who kept turning the pistol in his hand.

"Guys, guys... I'm sure that Mass Coupler wasn't that bad... You surely must have broken it on your way back, still, I don't want to leave my customers unsatisfied..." he said.
The thug-leader lifted and eyebrow. Jaris felt the sweat appearing on his forehead... It was a good thing his hair could hide it a bit.

"Now, I will give you back the entire sum, okay? Five hundred credits, it was, right?" he continued.

The thug-leader stopped turning the pistol in his hand. "Make it eight hundred... We need some compensation for the trip here..." he said a bit threatening.

Eight hundred credits? Jaris smiled turned into a fake one, as he clenched his teeth. "Eight hundred credits? Okay, sure... The problem is that I don't have the money right with me now, so why don't you come back tomorrow, and I'll give it to you?" he said while backing out a bit.
The thug-leader pointed his pistol at Jaris, and smiled foul again.

"Ah, that's exactly what we thought you'd say... So that's why we brought these little things with us..." he said while suddenly grabbing a tube out of his pocket.
The two remaining thugs moved quickly towards Jaris and grabbed him, before he could run. Jaris tried to free himself, but due to his drunk state he wasn't able to. The thug-leader stepped forward and held the tube in front of Jaris' face, and immediately a sickening feeling went through him, as he recognized what was in there... Kouhun's...

"You recognize these little babies, don't you, Jaris?" the thug-leader said foully.

Jaris looked fearful at the poisonous insects, and swallowed, smiling nervously.

"Come on guys, I... I really can give you the money tomorrow... I can even make it a thousand credits!" he said desperately.

The thugs laughed as their leader shook his head. "Nah, don't think so... We've been out on revenge actually..." he said while putting his hand on Jaris' shoulder.

"You see, the Mass Coupler you sold to us, not only destroyed our pod racer, but also killed our friend..." Jaris swallowed, as he knew he was screwed now.
The thug leader slowly moved his hand to the top of the tube. "... send him greets from us, Jaris Vamor..." he said while smiling dark.

"You'd better not open that tube..." suddenly a males voice said.

The thugs turned, and Jaris looked over the thug-leader's shoulder, and to his great surprise there stood a young man, probably around the age of twenty, dressed in a black jacket, grey shirt and dark trousers with dark-grey boots. His black hair were combed in a faux-hawk, and Jaris had to admit that he never had seen such intensive green eyes, and the dark of the night amplified that effect.

"You better space your ass out of here, pretty boy... Or you'll be next..." the thug-leader said.
Suddenly, the man smiled dark and drew a lightsaber, a green one, perfectly matching his eye color.

"Nah, I'd prefer to stay here and see how your corpse would look like, without a head..."

Wow, Jaris had to admit this man surely had some guts. Was he a Jedi, or something? Jaris didn't know much about the Jedi, but they surely never would make a threat like this one, right? Was this one of those Dark Jedi? Nah, there were no Dark Jedi in these times...
The two thugs let Jaris go, and grouped up with their leader. The thug-leader smiled dark, and flipped the tube open.

"Perhaps you should handle these first..." he said as two Kouhun's crawled out of the tube and fell on the ground, starting to move towards the man.

The man however, smiled dark and all of a sudden, the two Kouhun were lighten up and burned within seconds into ashes. The thugs looked frightened now, and Jaris almost got the urge to laugh at them.

"All the people who provoked me ended up the same... dead..." and all of a sudden he jumped towards them, slashing of the head of the thug-leader with his saber, and as the two other thugs fired at him, he deflected the blaster bolts and impaled them later with his saber, one by one.
As their bodies fell lifeless on the ground, the man turned off his lightsaber, and looked at Jaris with an emotionless face expression.

"Perhaps you should think twice, about who you set off... Next time there may be nobody to save you..." he said with a gentle voice.

Jaris looked astonished at him, as he tried to recover.
"Yeah... well, thanks... Ehm, Master Jedi..." he stumbled.

The man smiled a bit as he shook his head. "I'm not a Jedi Master, not even a Jedi, I think..." he replied.

Jaris frowned while looking at the man. "You're not? Then how do you got the saber? Are you a Sith?" he asked slightly frightened.

The man laughed softly and shook his head again. "No, I'm not a Sith either... I'm just a man who is able to use the Force and wield a saber... I do not pick sides..." Jaris nodded understandingly.

"So you're one of those Gray Jedi, right?" he asked.

The man lifted his eyebrow, but nodded slightly. "I'd prefer not to give myself a title, but from your point of view, yes... I can be accounted to those who call themselves Gray Jedi..." was his answer.

Jaris nodded again, and inside of him he laughed a bit at the formal style of speaking this man used. "Okay, thanks again... err, what was your name?"

The man smiled and extended his right arm. Only now Jaris noticed he wore gloves, of which the fingers were exposed.

"I'm Suyark, pleased to meet you..." the man said, as Jaris shook hands with him.

"Just Suyark?" Jaris asked.

The man whose name appeared to be Suyark nodded while smiling slightly. "Yes, there is no need in knowing my last name... But if I'm not mistaken, then you are Jaris Vamor, right? The one who got out casted by his family?" Suyark asked.

Jaris sighed deeply and nodded. "So you've heard of it too?"

Suyark nodded. "Yes, it was difficult not to hear about it, since it was all over the Galactic news how Qorus and Gorola Vamor disinherited their son. One could say you're quite known around the Core worlds..."

Jaris sighed and the urge to return to his apartment became bigger now. He looked at Suyark and smiled slightly again.

"Okay, well, thanks for saving me... I owe you one..." he said and started walking away, as suddenly Suyark chuckled. "Indeed, you owe me one... so perhaps you could assist me in a certain matter? I heard you are quite handy when it comes to repairing stuff..."

Jaris felt where this was heading, and reluctantly turned, but put up a friendly smile. "What can I do for you?"

Suyark smiled pleased. "Well, I have some problems with my ship... I think there if something wrong with the hyper drive, because all systems shut down every time I try to ignite the engines. Perhaps you could come with me, and have a look at it?" he explained.

Jaris sighed deeply in his mind, as all he wanted was his bed now. But he owed Suyark his life, and since he didn't want to piss off someone with a lightsaber, Jaris figured he'd better do what Suyark asked him. "Okay sure, let's go..." he replied.

Suyark smiled satisfied again, as he clapped in his hands. "Excellent, follow me, it's not far from here..."

"She will destroy you..."
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