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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
I'd say if K3 were officially made, it would expound upon the fates of the crews from K1 and K2. Maybe introduce some new characters. Not sure what kind of "mission" it would have, though.

Who would there be to fight? Kunists? Remnants? Syndicates?

I'd imagine there might be loose ends from both games, maybe. It probably could include the Mandalorians and their journey, and HK-47 could make a cameo, or even star in his mission to get to the foundry since it was only mentioned... The restart of the jedi order.

Not sure anymore just what a K3 would constitute exactly. What is there to tell? It's all inconsequential ultimately, isn't it?
There could definitely be remaining followers of Sith Revan and Malak, and after the events of TSL with the triumverate threat eliminated they could bring their plans to fruition. Perhaps the two sects could oppose each other and the main party has to deal with the leaders of both fanatical parties. Sure it's been done before but it could easily work for a KOTOR III.
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