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Things have slown down in Uni just in time for me to want a Mass Effect rpg, lol.

Appearance: Click here
Name: The geth (name may come later)
Age: 0
Gender: N/A
Species: geth
Personality: Curious, Logical, Consus, Infuential.
Occupation: Mobile Scout Platform
Weapons: geth Pulse Rifles, geth Plasma Shotgun
Abilities: AI Hacking, Combat Drone
Biography: This unit is a by-product of the success of the Legion platform and the increasing hostilities between the geth and their quarian. Fearing an all out war where the geth would be forced to destroy those who made them, a census was drawn. Eventually it was decided the geth would begin the work on the big dream. By constructing a mega-structure the geth would allow every single geth to become connected to one and another into one glorious hive-mind. It is hoped that once construction is complete, the geth are able to download themselves into the Mega-Structure and the creators were allowed to reclaim their home world then all hostilities will end.

However many geth programs believed that backs-ups should be in place to protect them from the eventuality that the creators didn't wait and war should so happen to break out between the two races. There were also fears that once the "old machines" returned that they would harbour resentments towards the failures and absorption of the "heretics". It was widely believed that the geth didn't possess resources to deal with either one of these eventualities and build the mega-structure. Aware of the small but notable affect the platform known as Legion had on the two important organic figures Commander Sheppard and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, a new small line of geth were built in the image of Legion in hopes to strength the geths relationship with the rest of the galaxy.

This particular geth unit is the fifth built from this line and currently all the one who hasn't been destroyed. Designed with 1,200 geth programs and built from the bodies of several fallen heretics. it's mission is to scout the universe in hopes of gaining intelligence on the races that inhabit, befriend organizations to could help provide the geth with resources and investigate signs of Old Machine activity. Acting on information from the Shadow Broker, this unit has begun to investigate the targeting of its fellow line units and fighting back against the organization responsible for targeting these units; Cereberus.

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