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Friday my local microbrewery "Pearl Street Brewery" offered a free pint for those that wore green. Couldn't pass that up and had my Growler filled up with their limited "Java Lava" coffee stout.

Saturday we went to the local "Dublin Square" Irish pub. ANd will never go their again. They have Americanized their "Irish Fare" and try to cater to the collage crowd with Drink specials. They had a limited menu for St. Patties day. I ordered the Sheperds pie, and got a Bowl of mashed potatoes with a meat sauce on top. My wife got Bangers and Crunch , got potatoes and salty greasy sausages that were practically inedible to her. It was so bad she had an upset stomach the whole day afterwards and the bathroom looked like a COllage bar's bathroom :sick:

But we were able to go down the riverside and enjoy the nice weather which is unseasonably warm in the upper 70s. Ended up going home and watching Babylon 5 for a few hours (In the first part of season 3 now, i got the whole series on DVD)

And I finished off my bottle of Glenlivet 12 year single malt scotch today

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