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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
There could definitely be remaining followers of Sith Revan and Malak, and after the events of TSL with the triumverate threat eliminated they could bring their plans to fruition. Perhaps the two sects could oppose each other and the main party has to deal with the leaders of both fanatical parties. Sure it's been done before but it could easily work for a KOTOR III.
So I guess I'm right that it serves as little more than extras. Have you read the Knight Errant novel or the comics? It fills a similar scenario. While I suppose you are right, it's little more than tablescrap remnants. Not that I'd mind of course. Not sure if it's enough for "official" LA to try to squeeze for profit. For a mod...we have 2 and I'm not sure what either of them are planning. (Sorry Logan, have not checked your stuff out in some time.)

As to lingering remnants:

I do know Nihilus made a holocron at some point and while I am not sure of the wookieepedia article's integrity, it was suggested that he had at least one other apprentice besides Visas Marr, who would have kept the holocron and passed it down. Seems plausible.
That Utapauan sith (or whatever species) fought in SWTFU learned his teachings from it (supposedly). They, somehow, stayed in the shadows and avoided detection while they kept the holocron. Still, I would imagine that secret apprentice, if not killed by his/her successor, could have emerged--unlikely given Nihilus' MO, but anything is possible.
Nihilus has no background whatsoever, so suppose this is blank slate...probably better left alone to obscurity. Part of the mystery, really.

Sion was a Kunist 40 years before the Triumvirate--plenty of background which I've been curious about. Actually, given proper context could be made to be a tragic villain. I actually think he is a pretty good character, story wise. This is probably more akin to prequel or novel than anything else. There may have been other Kunists like him but, I'd think they were killed in the first incident of Malachor V.

Traya's followers were all wiped out, of this I am pretty sure. So only the remnants of Nihilis' and Sion's rival factions and their assassin networks would possibly still be around.

Yes I suppose loyalists to Malak and/or Revan could be lurking. The more we learn about related things from TOR, the more I suppose some scenario could be built here. Most of it would need to be invented. I know that the 3 dark Jedi who were Malak loyalists were otherwise not heeded in the canon light side encounter because Bastilla is there. It's possible they could be roaming around. I am unsure who would be following Revan that would still be alive. Maybe the ones in seen the visions of the tomb of Ludo Kressh. They were not heard from or seen again either, so far as I know.

As to other loose ends:
A second star forge for terraforming was mentioned. I bet we find more about it in future content to be released for the MMO.

The foundry was like a third, smaller Star Forge from what I understand, meant for creating weapons and battle droids.

These similar to the first star forge for creating ships and artillery and such.

We know from the Revan novel that HK-47

1) set out on his own to try to find Revan, after Revan left for the outer regions... and was disassembled in the process (likely by G0-T0). T3 found pieces of HK and reassembled what was left on board the, now damaged Ebon Hawk returning from the crash on Nathema.

Fast forward through K2

2) was reassembled and repaired. Post Malachor V's destruction, Meetra left the droid in the hands of the new Jedi Order. Wisely thinking it would not be safe to have the assassin droid wandering the galaxy, but foolishly assuming the droid would be content to stay with the Jedi and await further orders. Not long after Surik's departure, HK set off to find Revan again.

He was found later on in SWTOR to have been waiting for Revan in a specified area. Either the Secret Complex, or the Foundry...have not determined which one yet...not like it matters, I know what eventually happens.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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