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Desperately Need Help with the Forsaken Den

OK, i am at my wits end...have been trying for five hours to get that last Bladeweilder in the Forsaken Den, i was at level six so i went back to the start area and harvested the Fleshraiders for about two hours to buy med packs and build up my xP to Level 7

but i cant make the final kill he is a level 10 and there is no way in heck i can do him in before he kills me again and again. Can anyone please give me some advice.? the only skills i have are minimal and dont do squat to really affect him. My sword is the practice saber ...and i have not been allowed buy heavy armor, so all i have are the light things....which are useless against him.

I am trying the free trial this weekend because i hoped to see enough of the game to decide to buy it. but so far still on this stupid merryground with that one boss. he is WAY to strong for this stage of the game or i am just too dumb to know what to do. is there any strategy or way to kill him off..or do i have to just keep grinding the flesh raisders until i level up to 10?

please advise. and thanks.

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