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- What level is your character?
- What level is the mission when you look at it in your mission log? There are colours associated with mission difficulty. Red = Much too difficult, Orange = Difficult, Yellow = Just right, Green = Easy, Grey = Way too easy.
- Are there missions on your list which are easier to complete than this one which you haven't completed yet?

I find that the origin world planets in this game are EXTREMELY well balanced and that by the time you leave it you'll be between lv10-12 depending on how many extra things you killed.

Of course this is provided that you do every single mission on the planet and skip none of them.

A lv7 vs a lv10 does seem like a bit of a gap so if you have other missions on your log that are easier, do those and then come back to this one, but at the same time it is possible for you to complete the level if it isn't listed as Red on your mission log. |

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