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My character is 7...not sure about the mission, i did not see any colour coding in the list, just the titles of the missions. I skipped a few other missions but this one is part of the main story line so i dont think it can be skipped, you need to finish it to get the next communicator message to advance the story line. sigh.

i believe it when you say we will end up with level 10 at the end of this planet,....i picked human.....i guess i will try again tomorrow and do the other missions and see if that helps me advance, i am tired out from the frustration of trying to get past this one point, it takes the fun out of the adventure to have such a hard wall to keep hitting. I was able to clean out the Den of 9 of the other enemies. I find the bit where you die for 9 minutes until you can be revived a bit tiresome too, it just take the fun out .....but i understand there has to be some kind of penalty..i was just really enjoying the story up to this point so i guess i will just have to take whatever steps i can to get past this.

I wonder if other people have had a hard time with this is pretty extreme...but thanks a lot for the reply i appreciate it.

I will check the colour coding tomorrow when i go back in. for now, i need a break after two days of solid gaming.

Over all i would say it looks like they did a pretty fantastic job on this game....the cinematics and the feeling of the start and the quality of the world graphically are remarkable to say the least.

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