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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
You probably have already tried these, but there's always a chance that you missed it completely:

1. Try adding a new line to the upcrystal.2da and/or upgrade.2da.
2. Try opening the .uti for the light saber in KT, go to the properties tab, and copy and paste every row from a vanilla saber.
I didn't do either. I'll see if I can fix it, though im not keen on .2da editing as this dosn't use the patcher and would become incompatible with alot of mods. Either way, if i learn how to patch it, ill see what I can do. Though this bug isn't high priority, since it already gives a high strength bonus. The uti editing I'll have a look at. Though this was meant to be final version. But, I want to change the robe skin cause the one I did was terrible If I end up updating, I'll fix some of the bugs and scripts. It'll prob be 1.2.1. Anyway, thanks for the feed back guys
The Turret Arcade 1.2 ^^

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