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OK thanks appreciate that re the bud part...

ok, re the quests, i have gone back to the start and loaded up on Med Packs and XP and am close to level 8 now, i will go to the village and do two other quests and finish another that i had hanging and see if that helps out..

since i am playing the frree trial, i cant chat, chat is disabled so i wont be able to ask for any help sorry.

i will keep trying, need to take a break now, i am weary of harvesting Fleshmosters....

and as i said, I am really impressed by this game so far, but i do think possibly there is hole in the tutorial aspect for if people are NOT moitivated and or really skilled at fighitng games, they wont make it past this stage, i am determined as I have studied and modded many of the SW games and have had high hopes for this one, but i do feel the wall is a bit high so far...but....we will see what doing more quests can do.

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