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"Sorry to bother you, Justicar."

Roused only partially from her meditation, the Asari Justicar smiled faintly beneath her helmet. "That would assume I am easy to bother," she said. "I assure you I am not."

The ship's captain shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "Uh, yes, of course, ma'am."

Slowly, the Justicar turned her head to face the captain and her eyes opened. The captain's heart skipped a beat, his gaze locked on the narrow slit in the Justicar's helmet that revealed her eyes. He'd been around plenty of Asari in his time, but this Justicar's eyes looked impossibly old, even for the Asari. Bright blue, their depth seemed immeasurable and the captain was lost in them.

"You had something you wanted to tell me?" the Justicar asked, though the faint sparkle in her eyes suggested she already knew it. Either way, her words were enough to bring the captain back to himself. He looked away awkwardly.

"Ah, uh, yes ma'am," he stammered. "We're coming in to dock at the Citadel. Thought you'd like to know, y'know, to get your things ready for departure."

The faint blue aura of biotic-centered meditation faded from the Justicar's skin and she stood. Her right hand stretched out toward that side of the room and her hand glowed blue brightly. A small shoulder bag lifted up from the floor and sailed into her waiting hand. She slung it casually over her shoulder, tapped the pistol on her belt, and nodded.

"I am ready," she said. "Thank you."

The captain excused himself in a hurry, and the Justicar left her room, opting to spend her final minutes aboard this ship somewhere else. Though her meditation had been exceedingly useful, she wanted a change of scenery. It wasn't quite what she expected though. After staring out the window for hours on end, even the vastness of the ship's cargo hold felt claustrophobic. She'd been aboard too long. It would be well to leave.

The Justicar felt the faint tremor as the ship docked and she turned to head for the airlock. It was a smaller cargo vessel, so it didn't take her long to reach it. She stopped when she reached the captain and flicked on her omni-tool to process payment.

"As promised," she said. "Half upon boarding, half upon arrival. Thank you for your services, Captain Wade."

The Human bobbed his head. "Uh, sure, no problem."

The Justicar laughed softly as she turned to leave. "You're a terrible liar, Captain."

She left the ship, preparing herself for the challenge ahead: Customs. She had been to the Citadel twice before, first as Amaya T'shaan, and then as Reya. Now, she had no interest in using either name, and she would fight whatever Customs agent she had to in order to deflect any attention from either of the women she used to be. If she had to appeal to Asari Councilor Tevos to do it, then so be it.

The first Customs agent she approached tried to scan her. "I'm a special case," she said, batting the scanner away. The Turian hesitated.

"Orders are orders, ma'am," he said, trying again to bring the scanner to bear on her. Again, she pushed it aside.

"I will speak to your commanding officer," she said, "but I will not submit to a scan. It will tell you two different names. Both women are as good as dead now."

The Turian frowned. "I can't let you in without this," he said.

A low growl forming in the back of her throat, the Justicar sent a biotic pulse into the scanner, effectively ruining it.

She cocked her head. "I believe the proper course of action now would be to direct me to your superior."

The Turian was caught so off guard that the Justicar faced no further opposition from him. Just beyond the door at which he stood, there was a Human male who had the air of being in charge. The Justicar approached him.

"Just got a report about you," he growled.

"I will provide credits for the replacement scanner," the Justicar told him.

He chuckled. "C-Sec thanks you. I'm Commander Bailey. And you are?"

"I'm known as the Justicar."

Bailey stared at her for a moment. "Huh... Councilor Tevos notificed C-Sec you'd be coming. Seemed freaked out of her skin. Terrified you'll start some cross-species scuffle."

The Justicar nodded. "Her fears are not unfounded. My Code demands I punish injustice wherever I find it. I am here for an Asari, but if anyone stands in my way, or does something illegal or unjust in my sight, I am bound to bring them to justice. Asari, Turian, Human, Salarian, Hanar, Vlous, Elcor, Batarian-"

"I get the picture," Bailey said. "Does your Code allow you to turn offenders over to local law enforcement?"

The Justicar paused thoughtfully. "Depending on the crime, that would not be justice."

Bailey frowned. "Maybe I'd better get Councilor Tevos on the line, let her know you've arrived."

The Justicar laughed. "She'll want to send an escort, I'm sure."

"Hope you don't blame me for feeling that's the best option," Bailey said.

"Call her," the Justicar ordered. "I can wait."

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