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One thousand and two hundred programs formed the mind of this particular Geth. Over a thousand programs shouted a single word; "shoot". This Geth had a particular destination for a particular reason. Currently three organic individuals stood in its way. One was a human and the most hated of the three. This man had killed more people than he bothered to remember but that didn't mean he was a galaxy-class killer. He just knew a thing or two about killing a man not looking. The other two were Asari and former dancers. They had no business being street thugs. Once upon a time they had a small but dedicated fan base. But after they both developed a drug problem business turned sour for them. This human man took advantage of the pair. The human wasn't particular clever and only really wanted the two on his side because he thought they were hot. They may look good to some but neither really knew their way around a gun.

Neither had any business being criminals and none of the three had any business scouring the shipping containers of the docks for stuff to steal. This Geth used the connections to the Shadow Broker thanks to favours called in by the geth unit Legion in order to get himself transported to the Citadel. In its mission to avenge the "deaths" of its fellow line units this Geth had travelled to the centre of the universe in order to find a particular human male with ties to Cerberus This Geth knew of three particular targets he could interrogate for information into Cerberus with the most prominent one being a man called Henry Lawson who was residing in the Citadel whilst on vacation. This Geth used Geth and Shadow Broker resources to smuggle itself aboard the Old Machine space station in secrecy and with plans of the Keeper Tunnels.

After being smuggled inside a shipping container, this Geth broke out of his container and was confronted by the group of would-be-thieves who had been by chance turning the corner. The human male raised his pistol towards the Geth, "Wooo-hooo! Ladies we've hit it big time! Imagine what people'll pay for a dead gef!"

"Johnny, this is serious! I mean it's a geth! We should report this to C-Sec!" Replied one of the asari ladies. This Geth's vision zoomed towards the woman’s hands and the pistol they grasped. Her hands were shaking and if shot she'd mostly likely miss. Certain programs began to wonder if she'd have to die.

The man told her to shut up and called her a word the Geth recognised as one of those human "swear word" that they used to insult one another. "P'ease. C-Sec would bust our backsides are our snooping. Nah, but I knew people who'd play good money for..." The greesey haired human was interrupted by the piercing sound of a single gunshot. As the human male shouted at his women the Geth decided enough was enough. The quick draw of the rifle meant the Geth didn't have time to aim for a clean head-shot but the plasma bullet did tore through the men's knee. The man dropped to the floor and hugged his knee as he cried out more of what the Geth believed to be "swear words".

"Goddess," One of the asari whispered before turning around and running for her life.

The other was a braver for a few seconds. She pulled the trigger but only managed to hit a nearby container. The handgun was foreign to her and it particulary jumped out of her hands. She followed her asari partner-in-crime and sprint as fast as her terror would allow her.

The Geth now stood over the human male and wondered if this human deserved execution. The man wasn't helping his case that he should live. "Who do you think you are you blasted robot? You don't mess with me! I have contacts!! You are dead! You hear me? Dead!!" The Geth was amused to hear the humans voice had begun more high pitched with each threat he threw at his judge, jury and executioner. He practically squeaked his last threat. A census was drawn and the rifle was put away. The Geth hoped this human would learn from the lesson the Geth provided. While no one would miss this scum bag, he no longer posed no threat to the Geth. As pain had consumed his mind he'd forgotten about his handgun had landed right beside him.

As the man screamed threats he could never follow through on the Geth turned and walked away. It had a Cerberus agent he needed to meet. This little pointless diversion with would-be-thieves had cost it time.

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