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Gah. I haven't posted here for awhile. And no problem about the move, my bad.

Anywho, been busy with school and life so I haven't had time to get on.

Anyway as for the remodeling of's mainly need just Anchorhead to be remodeled. The Dune Sea could be altered to whatever is easiest since the winds would shift the dunes anyway. I was thinking the Dunes would also have a sarlaac if possible but probably WAY too hard. So, moving onto Alderaan.

I was thinking slight reskins of Onderon would work. Or not even a reskin...I'm not sure how the modding process works but if you could build unique areas and then basically slap on the Onderon look with maybe a Telos background or whatever it's look nice. Anyway. This planet is where you meet the fames family of the Organas and the whole side quest where you can finally bring peace between them and the Ulgos. Admiral Onasi also resides here and sends you on a mission before trusting you fully. After this planet, when you take off for whatever next planet you go to, you will be attacked by Darth Virulen's forces and must fight aboard his Sith Destroyer. It'd be a short mission.

Ugh. I hate being busy. That's all I can write right now, I'll try and post in a few hours but wow...this had like no ideas. haha I'll post some of the cooler ones in a bit.
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