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cool thanks, ys i found out about the reviving, that was pretty cool that we can revive them....and i had some nice players revive me when i was lying there dead on the deck...a number of times..i could not chat to thank them but it was nice.

thanks for that info.. i had not known about being in the cantina, i dont have a ship yet, they are not available until Level 15 and I am still at 11..... and the trial i was in did not allow you to advance past 15 so i dont think i could have gotten a ship..but i will have the full game subscrption i can keep going then.

I wonder if they will add more features for companions in add on patches, that was a major source of mods for the Elder Scrolls series and it is very popular to be able to expand that. I noticed the companions move pretty well, tho i wish they did not move away so much when you might want to stand closer to them at times. I guess there is no way to control their movements other than the orders we can give...have to learn about that too...

i noticed that the enemies ganged up on the droid and attacked him first...i was wondering why they did not attack me ...they attacked him until he was dead and then they came after that where term "mob" came from i have seen in posts?

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