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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
There's already a giant ME3 thread.
As I said, not a player of mass effect here. This thread is sort of for my crowd.

I figured a complaint with involvement of the government was enough to merit its own thread...

Not sure how the US laws are structured in this regard, but you could argue with some merit that based on comments by Bioware and EA before release that there is a valid claim for false advertising. Down here at least though I don't think it would hold much legal water as the law is structured primarily to deal with consumers and retailers. There's no false advertising on the retailer's part, unless they were pushing lots of EA's PR material. I think you could end up getting a refund under Oz law, but that's about it.
Until recent years, sometimes getting any refunds whatsoever was a bit of a pain.

If enough people complain something might be done but I'm not entirely sure about the actual number of unhappy people, either way. I'd imagine laws are similar in that regard, though.

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