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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I wonder if they will add more features for companions in add on patches, that was a major source of mods for the Elder Scrolls series and it is very popular to be able to expand that.
Companions already have many features, romance, companion missions and crew skills with a promise that more features will be added. Haven’t gotten very far with my Jedi toon, but my smugger is fairly close to maxing out all my companions affection towards her. She has also long ago completed all the companion quests for the one that actually allows you to accompany them on their quests. I’ll admit, the companion quests that don’t allow you to accompany them sound way more interesting than the ones I went on. Still getting the affection high with all your companions is a real plus when it comes to crew skills, so in my opinion it is worth it, at least for my main toon where I’m concentrating on biochem. Again not sure for all classes, but at least for the smuggler the secret to keeping all your companions happy is presents, lots of presents because there is no way to make everyone 100% from merely the missions and conversations. Hell I used the Wookiee 90% of the time after I got him and I still have to resort to bribery to get the last 2000 points in order to max him out.

Beyond presents and getting their affection up for crew skills, my biggest advice with companions is to make your party member compliment your play style. Traditional wisdom is if you are a tank, take a DPS or a Healer companion with you. If you are a healer, take a Tank or DPS with you. I played most of the game with a Tank with me as a healer because that was how I understood it was done. However, since getting to level 50 I have found a DPS companion way easier, even a second healer is faster than taking a tank with me on Dailies. Whatever, experiment and figure out which companion works best with you just remember to keep that companion well equipped or plan on may more frustrating encounters. Personally I tried to keep two companions well equipped, because certain companions work better in certain battles (at least for me). The Wookiee just wouldn’t cut it in one battle. I would get the boss down to about 5% or less health before dying like 8 to 10 times. Finally went back, repaired and bought stims for a second time and changed companions to a mele DPS. Kill the Boss first try with a different companion without even taking any damage to my toon.

Originally I did not follow the keep companions’ well equiped and it made me have to find help getting past a mid-level class battle that was impossible for me to complete solo. That battle still makes me want to re-roll with another healer smuggler just to prove to myself I can do it. After that I kept my Wookiee upgraded and while I still had some difficult battles, I never again had to have Mav and Lynk come to my recue to get past a part of the game.
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