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I should file one for Metroid: Other M as I feel completely and utterly ripped off by that entire game.

These guys are just trying to make a point to BioWare and I don't really care how they go about it. If they feel they need to, it's their time to waste doing it... the obviously felt strongly enough about BioWare ending up wasting their time and money with the 3 (at least) ME games coming to the conclusion it did.

Seriously, I know it's easy to mock these guys cause they're getting uppity about all this, but being a huge Metroid fan and then playing Other M... I can see where they're coming from. As for Mass Effect itself... meh, ending sucks but I don't care, I'm just not going to bother playing it over again cause I see no real point since it all ends in the same place anyway. |

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