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wow, Miltades and mimartin, thanks so much for all that great advice, it helps a LOT... i can understand 90 percent of what you say, and it all makes sense....even the parts i havent done or learned about yet. thanks again so much for the help, i am trying to prepare so i can learn as i go along and this was just the sort of help I needed to make decisions when i get back in the game...and it will be very nice to be part of a Guild and be able to help and also to recieve help from others when we all need it. that really makes it a lot more fun.

And thanks MrObiWan, i did not know we could get a ship that soon, i am still working thru Coruscant and need to finish deciding on my class and other things...but thanks a lot that is good to know about the ship and the level at which we can get one. I am at Level 11 now and expect after i finish some more missions, i want to clean out the Black Sun completely and get that one boss in the docks, now that i have a decent companion, i hope to be at a higher level as well. I got tired of being smacked about by the Black Sun jerks and want some pay back. But being a good Jedi, i am doing it only for the good of the Galaxy and to promote Balance.

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