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Great summary there Dominus, you said it all ..and even gave links.

I have heard that LucasArts is working on a new title, with an open world, but I do not know the subject or the way it may relate to SW, Sorry, I too agree the Jedi Knight series has plenty of life in it and hope for another one..and as has been said here and elsewhere anything can happen in Game development, just look at series that have been added to, both immediately or years later, and or brought back from the grave...with new versions. The entire series of SW games that has been modded is probably the best example of fantastic modding in any game genre...and we do have simply amazing map and mod makers helping expand all of them still. The game engines for Jedi Knight Outcast and Academy are some of the most successful for mods that there is in any game genre, including the Elder Scrolls Beth games which even come with construction sets. So I will hold out hope for more JK.

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