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Exclamation "Hell on Wheels" music

Hey, MixnMojo -

LucasArts Music Supervisor Jesse Harlin here. I wanted to let you know about something related to the Media section of I learned today that there were tracks on the site called "Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels Soundtrack" and they were being attributed to composer Gordy Haab.

Eventually someone is going to notice that I've contacted the fine folks at Mojo and asked them to remove the tracks. Why?

Not because the tracks are unreleased content from a cancelled game. No, the real story with these tracks is that they were a four-song demo Gordy Haab had written as a pitch to be the composer on the AMC show "Hell on Wheels" ( They have absolutely nothing to do with LucasArts, and when Gordy's FTP has hacked last year, someone found them and decided that it must be material from Full Throttle.

This isn't the case. The music for "Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels" was composed by Peter McConnell and hasn't ever seen the light of day. So, I contacted the Mojo folks and asked them to take down these tracks by Gordy Haab because I don't want fans to be confused and think they're listening to hidden treasures. In reality, they're just unused demos from an unrelated project.

I've never contacted you guys directly before, but like I said - today I learned that this music is being passed around the fan community under the wrong moniker and in the guise of something it's not. I figured coming to you directly was the best way of getting the word out that these are nice pieces of music, but not the unreleased material you all wish they were.


- Jesse Harlin, LucasArts Music Supervisor/Composer
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