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A team reunion, what a happy event to witness. Friends who haven't seen one another in a bit get together once more. Its a shame Hank Coleman would be part of that reunion real soon. Almost nothing had changed about Hank in terms of appearance and personality. He was still the same guy they loved...or hated.

Hank started to make his approach to the group coming up behind a very familiar boy. He grinned from behind his mask as he got closer to the boy, suddenly putting an arm around him.

"Kai!" Hank said happily. He looked down to see Hizuni. "You made a new friend." The alien looked to see Shana, Captain Terranova, and Ming as well.
"Captain, you're looking as attractive as'am. I even threw in a ma'am. Uncle Hank missed you Shana, you look so pretty and uhhh...hey there uhhh Mang" harmlessly flirting with the Captain, complimenting Shana, and teasing Ming...It was good to be back.

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