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So, how specifically would people here have improved the ending. Also, this being a long thread, maybe I missed it, but exactly what decisions did people make they thought weren't addressed somewhere/anywhere in/by ME3? I can see going straight to the credits from the "bad" ending or even extending the game a scene or two after the "best" ending sequence (or maybe a LOTSB style vid/info file sequence on various surviving charahcters, not great perhaps, but better than what they gave people in terms of "closure" or crewmate wrap-ups).

For myself, I'd say the endings were incomplete and anticlimactic. However, given all the raging, I guess I was further inoculated from expecting too much of the conclusion. For the most part, the game is pretty good, despite its stupid flaws (eg. the face bug being a ridiculous oversight, but nowhere near a dealbreaker as well as the EMS system issue). Fair amount of action and humor, but also a sense of camraderie with your crew that was largely missing in the first two. Still, while I think the FCC thing is hilariously over the was Bioware's implication that 1000s of factors influenced the ending of your game in any meaningful way. Seemingly, judging from reactions, they've been hoisted w/their own petard.

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