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Vakarr was surprised by the amount of damage his punch had done. He was certain he hadn't used that much force, and it was with his left hand too...or maybe he had. He soon found himself smirking slightly at the victory he got over the dark elf. That would teach him to dare ever underestimate him. Before he could reply he found himself in their city.

He looked to the dark elf, who was begging for death at this point. He stared at the elf for a few seconds. Part of him didn't want to after he called him a coward. Still...he did cause that very painful wound. Perhaps letting him die with honor wasn't too bad. He slowly took out his sword and prepared to do the deed. He hoped Emi wasn't watching as he swung his sword down, taking the elf's head clean off. He looked around when he felt a sudden shake. He looked to Per'dra.

"You wouldn't happen to be thinking the same thing as me...would you?" Vakarr asked believing the Purge might have gotten to them sooner.
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