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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
I was thinking Onderon for the housing models and maybe the TRZ (Telos Restoration Zone) re-skinned to look like sand/dirt (the beach area could double as the dune sea). Either way I'm intrigued to seeing how this would look
haha thank you.I would love to see these implemented as well :P

Nar Shaddaa could use the same area with new people but if possible...mirroring it would make it feel a bit new.

So anyway. Back to Tatooine. The Mandalorian Camp would have various solutions. If you choose not to complete the Mandalore side quest, you can still earn vital information from Mandalore (because remember, you're trying to piece together the clues from each planet and to find the Hidden Jedi as to what your mission was, why you lost your memory and why the mission is so vital. Mandalore tells you that you met with him previously and upon learning of your memory lapse, he decides to use this against you. To relearn what he told you previously, and wants something from you: he wants you to kill his second in command whom he believes is plotting against him. You can then do so and learn that he knows the location of a wise old Jedi Master. After this assignment, to learn the location of the Jedi Master, you can take on the next assignment which is to kill a krayt dragon (or if thats not possible, a den of some type of hard creature.) Or you can tell him something like "No, I'm not doing your dirty work." He will then get mad and say "you dare insult me? When I'm surrounded by a legion of followers?" and you can say "I haven't killed in awhile...this should be great!" and fight the camp. Afterward, searching Mandalore the Dominant's body reveals a datapad pointing to a small bunker in the Dune Sea.

Alternatively, you can talk with Mandalore and learn of his information. Rather than complete the main task he gives you, you can help other mandalorians around the camp such as a Fight Master (you can get into one on one duels with vibroswords and beat the camp's leader in the ring) and you can even help his second-in-command, Mereel. After gaining his trust you can learn/convince him to tell you of his plot against Mandalore the Dominant and then you can tell Mandalore the Dominant and receive the info of the Jedi Master and his location like that or you can learn how Mereel was loyal to Mandalore/Canderous (Candalore? and can choose to help him and tell him that you're with Canderous. He will then tell you, that when ready, he will leave a backgate unlocked with the security systems (turrets) guarding the outside deactivated with which Canderous can sneak in. He will tell you that when ready, you can have Canderous sneak in and Mereel will have rallied others to help you.

By getting Canderous to enter all you do is go to the terminal next to the backgate and activate the option that says "Call Canderous" which will bring a loading screen and then you can finish the quest by leading the assault against the Mandalorians who are loyal to Mandalore the Dominant. When you get to his bunker, he will be in the final room and Mandalore will kill him in a cutscene himself. After this Mandalore/Canderous will once again be Mandalore and the Mandalorians will be ecstatic. Mereel tells you that most followed him out of fear...he was psychotic and no better than an Iridorian. He had no honor and what little he did have was swept away when he backstabbed Canderous as opposed to dueling him which dueling a Mandalore itself has no honor unless the Mandalore is weak and has shown no signs in helping the group as a whole. His name will be remembered as Mandalore the Pretender until his name is finally lost to history and antiquity.

After doing this, Mandalore will give you the datapad pertaining to the details of the Jedi Master.

whatever way you do decide to go about getting the info, you will leave in the garage by activating a swoop there which will take you to the remote area in the Dune Sea. After fending off sand people, you will find the entrance barely visible above the sand and enter. There you will find Jolee Bindo who tells you about how your mission's end was to meet with Bastila but that he was no privy to the whereabouts of her back when you first arrived and that she is certainly no longer there.

You will then take off from Tatooine to go to let's say Corellia. This planet you will find has a Czerka presence like Raxus Prime did. HO BOY! They inform you that you are not allowed to leave the space port due to a significant gang war in the streets of Corellia. (I'm thinking Corellia can have a reskinned Nar Shaddaa to make it appear brighter and a different background set during dusk or something (maybe Korriban's skybox? idk)

The city the game uses would be Coronet, the capital of Corellia. You cn complete various side quests in the space port but eventually you find a Black Heth agent using a secret entrance to get in and out of the streets. Once on the streets and dealing with the thug in some way, you are 'welcomed' to Corellia by three desperate looking individuals whp wanna shake you down for creds. The streets aren't entirely devoid of civilians and there is a cantina, apartment complexes, etc. There are many encounters with Black Heth fighting Neo-Beks (similar to the cinematic in KoTOR I after using the elevator to enter the Lower City for the first time you see the Black Vulkars fighting the Hidden Beks). Talking to the Czerka Guard outside the entrance to the space port will give a reference to another area on Corellia. The guard will say something like "Look, I can't talk now. Ever since the Skids decided to give us their trash, I've been working overtime." The Skids are an area of Tyrena, another city on Corellia.

Anywho, this is where you get to do the very Taris-esque missions involving the two gangs. You also meet Mission and Zaalbar, the leaders of the Neo-Beks who want to end the gang violence before helping you. I'll continue later but I've decided this would be the best place to find the only orange crystals in the game...
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