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"Three on one pal, it's over.", one of the other cadets said, a wry smirk on his face.

"No, now it's fun.", Tai Letō replied, throwing his Ninjatō onto the ground.

As the three attempted to surround him, he punched the one closest to him, breaking his nose and causing him to collapse on the ground. He spun and backfisted the second - staggering him back. The third one attempted to grapple him, but Tai twisted the man's wrists and headbutted him. As the second one got back within reach, Tai spun and sidekicked him in the stomach - knocking him to the ground. As the other two got back up, he crouched and did a 360 degree kick aimed at their legs, knocking both of them down again. As the other tried to hit him again, he sidestepped and palm striked his infra-orbital margin, stunning him and knocking him to the ground.

"So, what was that about 'it being over'? You three are too hamfisted.", Tai said, shaking his head.

Leaving the three, he walked at a brisk pace until he noticed the group of five or so people. He walked up to them, acknowledging Captain Terranova.

"Captain.", he said, curtly nodding.

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