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This is the subtitle for the Modding Requests section, please note the word idea. hk47awesome has an idea. This doesn't seem to be a Fan Fic, nor is it an active mod. He's not trying to write a story, he's trying to inspire a mod. So, this goes in the Modding Requests section, end of story. If anyone has a problem with that, please contact me. Any more off-topic posts will be deleted.

I really don't see why it's such a big issue.

Hhaha thanks, man!

And darthtyren, I probably favor the dark side approach a bit since I played through DS on KoTOR the first time around (my brother did LS) but...I regret that now. And usually DS is a "better" path. You gain more credits, etc. There will be consequences, like the death of a party member but same with LS. My idea was trying to make it seem'd be so EASY to fall to the lure of the Dark Side, y'know? Why did Anakin fall? Because he wanted justice. Because he wanted to SAVE his wife. All noble causes....but he tried to do it in a way that made him susceptible to the dark side.

But wow, thanks everyone haha. I thought I was going to get a bunch of hate and flaming for posting this. Not a writer for BioWare Blix, haha. Though I want to get into the industry some day...I'd love to work on RPGs. BUT BACK ON TOPIC. want their personalities and back stories? Alright. Who am I to not oblige? haha

DARTH SADO, is perhaps the most elusive, awe-inspiring, and greatest of the central Sith characters. He has no single sole apprentice and instead trains legions of followers, both personally and with Warmasters. He rebirthed himself as Darth Sado after meditating and feeling the dark energies of the force in Naga Sadow's tomb on Korriban. His name (Say-doh) is an allusion to the older ancient Sith Lord. He is a human Sith who wears a head garment similar to the style worn by Naga Sadow, only now patterned toward the standard Sith colors of black and red as opposed to the ancient bright coloring of them. He wears that when sitting upon his throne and on Korriban but wears a set of armor with a mask crafted out of a Rakghoul head and plated in metal with visors replacing the eye sockets. His battle armor was created through Sith Alchemy. He rarely does battle personally and oversees most operations from his throne room in the dilapidated Korriban Sith Academy. He is cold, calculating, hyper intelligent and wields and uncanny tap into the Dark Side of the Force. He prefers a traditional single bladed crimson lightsaber. His followers all wear the armor of the Sith Assassins from KoTOR II (I think that's what they were called). He purposefully makes sure they are uniformed and only his Warmasters wear other Sith attire. He has built a system of control over them to insure obedience and to instill fear of killing him and taking over, as is the typical Sith practice.

Sado was once a Jedi who followed Revan into the Mandalorian Wars. On Malachor V, the change was finally set in stone for Revan and Malak. Revan considered Sado a viable option for an apprentice because of his raw power over the Force. However, unlike Revan and Malak, Sado deserted the battle and fled from Malachor V. He flew his ship far from the battle and eventually found his way to a remote planet called Dagobah. He could feel the dark side of the Force was prevalent on the planet but wanted nothing more than to stay trueto the Jedi teachings despite wanting nothing more to do with them, similar to the Jedi Wanderer (the PC). His ship was out of fuel and had to survive for years on the planet. He lost his lightsaber within the first few months of surviving when it fell into a swamp and was digested by a swamp monster. Enraged, he killed the beast and tore the gut open, hoping to find his prized weapon there. All he found was shredded metal and a small crystal shard. He kept this shard and wove a necklace out of it. During his time on Dagobah he became almost savage and beastial. His mind became twisted, corrupted and deformed as the Dark Side slowly crept into his being. He fought creatures with his hands and the Force and savagely tore them apart using lightning, drain life, and various other torturous force powers. He relied on his newfound strength to survive.

One day, a small freighter landed and scouts for a scientific exploration of the planet came out. The damaged Jedi saw his chance, and brutally massacred the science team before stealing the ship and flying it away from Dagobah. He found his way to Nar Shaddaa during the time of the Sith Triumvirate and acted the part of dirty, homeless, nomad. He found the Exchange and their leader, Goto, along with Goto's Yacht. He found a way to sneak aboard and steal a personal ship without anyone ever knowing he was there. He flew to Korriban where he stumbled upon the tomb of Naga Sadow. There he found the ancient Sith Lord's holocron and studied it intensely. He then meditated, going into am extended trance as he saw visions of Sadow. He learned the ways of the old Sith Empire, the wars they raged and saw the way the Sith now acted -- small, divided, and prone to having very few in number. He decided to build up an army. He departed Korriban shortly before Sion arrived there during the events of KoTOR II.

During his travels, he managed to gain a small following of about 20 individuals. When he saw the Sith Triumvirate crumble, as he predicted, he seized the opportunity and established a throne in the Sith Academy. Meanwhile the Jedi began to rebuild the order with the various Jedi followers who were with the Exile. He managed to gain a strong following and began his practice of conquering worlds with a legion devoted to him. They worshiped him like a god, rather than a master.

DARTH OMYN is more of a Revan/Nihilis Sith. He wears dark robes with a unique mask covering his face. It is designed to appear like a desert wraid skull. His species is unknown and next to nothing is known about him. Darkness precedes him as the Dark Side literally encircles him in a mystifying hurricane of chaos. As such, non-Force sensitives can even feel and sense his presence. Hence the name of "Omyn." He has many supporters who believe him to be stronger than Sado and he has a personal apprentice. Darth Antagon. Antagon, like many Sith apprentices hope to replace their master and awaits an opportunity to do so. This is very unlike Sado's use of fiercely loyal Sith Warriors who would die for him. However, Omyn believes that by having Antagon tap into his full potential of the Dark Side, it will help sway the battle in his favor. At the start of the game, Omyn and Sado have yet to do battle personally but that would change ;D haha. He prefers the use of the Force over saber combat and seeks to battle from afar. He does wield a single red lightsaber however.

DARTH VIRULEN is a blue Twi-Lek Sith with a Sith Assassin-style mask. He wears a light armor painted black with a half-skirt. He prefers to use a double bladed red lightsaber. Virulen was born a slave on his home planet of Ryloth along with his three older sisters and older brother. He was forced to do manual labor and at an early age hated his masters. A Jedi Pai sensed the Force was strong in him on a visit to the planet and noticed it was barely noticeable in his siblings. They tried to pay for him but the masters refused. He resented the Jedi for leaving his family there simply because they "were not for sale" and felt they should have rescued him despite that, since it was the right thing to do. This started a life-long hatred of the Jedi and their ways. His older brother was killed in front of him and his sisters when he tried to fight their master. The conditions were terrible and moreover, terrifying. Rather than killing the brother and disposing of the body, the master beheaded the older sibling and mounted it on the wall as areminder to his younger siblings.

Soon his sisters were of an age where it was more satisfying to rape them and use them as sex slaves rather than use them for manual labor. This enraged the already Dark Side leaning Twi-Lek further. He was also forced to do ALL the labor at that point. He began devising a way to escape. He noticed one day that he could easily slip through the ventilation system and run away while his sisters were being "used." He almost did before stopping himself and realizing he needed revenge and needed to save his sisters as well. He went to one of his sisters one day and told her of his plan, but she refused to go citing that she loved their master. He pleaded with his sister to come with him and that their master had twisted her mind into believing that. He then pulled her up by her lekku and showed her, her brothers head to rmeind her. She began struggling and he realized that her mind was too fargone and damaged and there would be no saving her. Instead, he opted to save her from a life of torment....and broke her neck. After that, he knew his other sisters would never leave with him and escaped, regretting never getting the chance to kill the slime who was his previous master.

He traveled to Coruscant first, to see the Jedi Temple. He hated them and from that day, knew he needed to destroy that symbol of the Jedi. He trained himself in the art of the Force and viewed it as a plague. Because he had no formal training from either side, he viewed the Force as a whole, as a disease. He believed himself to be disfigured just as the Jedi were and refused to accept that. He mutilated his lekku, scarring them out of anger. He eventually learned of the Sith. The power they had. He viewed them as a foolish and disfigured group like the Jedi but liked their promise of a stronger Force. He trackled many Sith holocrons and viewed them in order to learn of the Dark Side. He eventually became obsessed with his newly discovered Force. He returned to Ryloth, clad in a brown cloak concealing his face and found the estate of his old owner. He learned, by Force Persuading a guard, that his other sister was killed shortly after he had left. The other one was now kept in a dungeon and used by all the guards and the master for pleasure when they wanted it. He also learned that his owner now hada new family of slaves,made up of one boy and two girls. He snuck into the dungeon and found his sister. He saw her and she pleaded with him to kill her after a brief reunion. As he stabbed her, he shed the last tear he ever would as he whispered "I love you." and broke her neck as he had done with his other sister many years earlier.

He then appeared before his old owner, a silhouette. The owner, unaware of who he was told him to leave but when Virulen revealed himself, the owner seemed to put 2 and 2 together. He angrily reached for his pistol before Virulen flung it out the windowvia the Force. The man then charged at Virulen who lifted him into the air and pushed him against the wall and restrained him there with the Force. He then proceeded to unleash a lifetime of revenge torture upon the owner, purposely keeping him just barely alive until he was begging for death and then....he did not kill him. He instead healed him fully and the owner thanked him for sparing him and that he'd change. Virulen looked down at the man ominously. His guards went into his room after a day went by without any word from him and founs blood adorning the walls and flesh everywhere.

Virulen then found the new family of slave children and decided to free them. They all thanked him but before they got out...he looked down. He though "why should they be given a life...I never had?" and he then proceeded to kill them all. He eventually crafted a lightsaber of his own and named himself Virulen because of his view that the Force is a disease and anyone who uses it is plagued.

His apprentice is Darth Revenant. Revenant (yes, I've decided this will be Virulen's apprentice, not Homicai, and I've opted for a new name instead of Homcai which I didn't like all that much but you guys can let me know what you think haha) was a Zabrak obsessed with death. He was found by Virulen and taken in as the Sith's apprentice. He also learned of Sith ghosts and various rumors of the dead rising in various remote locations of the galaxy. He adopted a name to reflect his obsessions and willingly submitted to the Dark Side.

I will cover Homicai with his new name and his apprentice, renamed Darth Fury, in the next post I write. Anywho, those are some of the main Sith characters. I think I'll also discuss Kaz Aranas, the Kel Dor Jedi Master you find on Ilum.

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