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DARTH OMYN is more of a Revan/Nihilis Sith. He wears dark robes with a unique mask covering his face. It is designed to appear like a desert wraid skull. His species is unknown and next to nothing is known about him. Darkness precedes him as the Dark Side literally encircles him in a mystifying hurricane of chaos. As such, non-Force sensitives can even feel and sense his presence. Hence the name of "Omyn." He has many supporters who believe him to be stronger than Sado and he has a personal apprentice. Darth Antagon. Antagon, like many Sith apprentices hope to replace their master and awaits an opportunity to do so. This is very unlike Sado's use of fiercely loyal Sith Warriors who would die for him. However, Omyn believes that by having Antagon tap into his full potential of the Dark Side, it will help sway the battle in his favor. At the start of the game, Omyn and Sado have yet to do battle personally but that would change ;D haha. He prefers the use of the Force over saber combat and seeks to battle from afar. He does wield a single red lightsaber however.
My favorite character so far (they're all dreadfully dark and menacing it's wonderful) so it seems Antagon would have a force power like "Battle Meditation" similar to Bastila? As in being like Nihilis, would Omyn drain the life/force from living things and worlds like Darth Nihilis and the Exile?

Wow. Brilliant. Just a question, is it meant to copy alot of kotor, because Corellia, as you said, is a sort of Taris. And three losers begging you for credits whn you first arrive somewhere, now let me think where Ive heard that I guess there will be a threatening option too I guess But aside from that, these ideas are worthey for any profesional video game writer, you'd defeniatly be hired if you could keep this sort of brilliance up
Yes it is very remnisicent of K1, but I think it works as a nice nod to the old game. It is after all only a small point and a not major plot point being reused (i.e. main character/amnesia/revelation)
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