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*Corzip walks threw the dark ally's. he lost the feeling from the man who killed Kell. but what he does see is the young Redhaired boy who was stealing from everybody. he walks to the boy without making a sound. he looks like he is following people. Corzip let his sences go past the boy and sences 2 men. he feels them and recognize them. they are Garik and Darkforse. Garik is taking of and Darkforse is going away. Corzip pulls out his Comlink.*

Yo Darkforse. keep doing what you are doing. and just move away for a couple of minutes.

OK.... but dont do anything freakish.

*Corzip puts his comlink away and follows the boy. the boy walks in to the garbage disposel building. he looks around.
at THAT point Corzip walks up to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.*

Now what could you possibly do in here???
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