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Oh yeah, there are definitely nods to both games. I added the bit about the beggars on Corellia because, like Taris, there is a gang war and it's the planet where you'd meet Mission and Zaalbar.

Basically, what I'd shoot for is a mixture of the fun and "bright" atmosphere of the first KoTOR mixed with the serious and "dark" atmosphere of the second. Also I have little salutes and loose ends from both games, although they're easier to do for the first was completed :P and because I just played. I was thinking of maybe having a quest where someone is calling themselves the Mysterious Stranger and you find Deadeye Duncan haha. As for nods to KoTOR II -- on Raxus Prime for instance, Brianna is situated a makeshift recreation of the Telos Academy (this is also sort of a nod to The Force Unleashed as well) and I was thinking of putting in the Ebon know the room right before the cockpit? Well making it so you can activate the terminal and read "Recorded Star-Logs" which details planets the Ebon Hawk docked at and you see many many planets and then finally Taris, Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban, Error, Error, Corrupted Data, Peragus, Telos Citadel, Telos, etc.

Anywho. I'm really tired but my next post will discuss the other Sith. Sheesh, how are you not tired of my ramblings yet?
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