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Part 2: The hunt and the pyramid

The desert is usually a quiet place. Not this time, however. Christos and Nick run, as the mercenaries of Mr. Alex hunt them.

<<Nick, run!!>>, Christos shouted. <<I am running!!>> Nick replied. But the camels are getting closer and closer to the two men. << Fire! >> Christos said. Nick turned on the camels and fired at them with his gun. Then Christos and Nick manage to steal two camels, but the other men come closer and closer to them. As Christos and Nick ride as fast as they can their camels, they find a small ancient pyramid, made of stone.

<<Lets hide here!>> Nick suggested. << I agree.>> Christos replied. Christos then threw a smoke grenade, and let the camels to leave. Then they entered the pyramid. As they enter in the pyramid, a toxic arrow is fired. The arrow is ready to hit Nick, but Christos pushes him away.

<<That was close!>> Nick said. <<We should enter in that room>> Christos shouted pointing on a small room inside the pyramid. When Christos and Nick entered the room, they found a machine. << WOW. The teleportation machine exists. Its not a myth!! We found it.>> Christos shouted. Nick replied << Yes!!>> suddenly, the mercenaries entered the pyramid and threw a grenade in the room. Christos and Nick fell on the machine and they accidentally activated it. A light appeared, and in a few seconds Christos and Nick disappeared.

One of the mercenaries then called Mr. Alex with his mobile phone. <<Mr. Alex. They are dead. We also found your machine.>> the man said. <<Excellent. Now no one can stop me!! Hahahaha!!>> Mr. Alex replied.

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