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Coruscant Entertainment Center

SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: Unconquerable

Ongoing series set in TOR: En route to Coruscant, our heroine broods

The piece flow smoothly from the last installment to this one. Mostly brooding as I said, but like Hamlet, a brooding silence that explains so much.

Pick of the Week


Hustle, Loyalty, Respect
Lord Zeuss

KOTOR On Taris: The heroes become wrestlers?

The piece is light and funny. My favorite scene was when 'John' (Revan) and Carth are mobbed by the female wrestlers, then the girls fight it out to see who gets to date Carth.


Mandalorian war era: Malak watches over his psychologically damaged friend.

An interesting aside from the usual story lines used. Having Revan be brutalized over months of captivity, and her inability to function is carefully ignored by her officers in a touching manner. Having her under observation to assure she doesn't kill herself makes it clear how damaged she is.

Gritty and hard hitting is how one reviewer described it, and I agree.

Pick of the Week

Merciless Rain
Dove-tailed Raven

Pre KOTOR on Taris: Canderous remembers the last woman he loved.

The piece was a neat aside, an in depth look into his mind, and the woman who captured his heart. It's a pity, really; Iseni, who went by the name Ice at the end, was a perfect match.

Cost of Family

KOTOR on the Endar Spire: Our heroine stumbles through her escape

You used stubbled rather than stumbled a couple of times. The character being a bumbler rather than a stark warrior was an interesting twist.

Bump in the Night
Triple E

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: Carth tries to deal with Mission's practical jokes, and fails miserably...

The piece sneaks up on you. You can picture Mission pulling the prank, but the aftermath puts it all to shame! A riot of problems for poor Carth who even at the end, doesn't win.

Pick of the Week.

A Damsel and her Hero

KOTOR aboard the Star Forge: The team makes the final assault

The piece is like watching the charge of the Light Brigade as one by one they all die. The end is sad and poignant as the Spirit of Carth gets her back to the ship.

Pick of the Week

Dawn Foxcraft

KOTOR aboard the Star Forge: Only as Carth dies does she understand

The piece is dark and brooding. From her final fight with Malak to holding Carth's dead body, she is seeing the world through glasses so dark that there is no joy to be had. A deeply disturbing read.

Pick of the Week

To Terminate Or Not To Terminate
Ragged Tiger

KOTOR no specific period given: HK47's version of Hamlet's soliloquy

The piece was funny; HK dreaming that maybe his master will make a mistake in negotiations only so HK can wreak destruction on yet another meatbag.

Pick of the Week

Atris' Confessions
Darth Phex

TSL on Telos: It's bad enough to find out she is the Exile's mother!

The author had fun with this, having the sound effects man commenting on what he's using, the Handmaidens throwing flower, and the revelations of her family simply made it more fun.

Pick of the Week

Athena Solaris

Post TSL: The rebuilding of the Jedi order through Atton's eyes

The piece flows very well, Atton's acerbic commentary about his fellow Padawan fits so well with what you see of the game.

Bastila Finally Understands her Heart

Post KOTOR On the Unknown planet: Bastila finally admits her feelings.

The piece has a nice flow to it, the admission of love almost tentatively offered. Well worth the read.

Brianna's Reward

TSL on Malachor V: With the quest ended, our hero can settle down with the one he loves.

A basically generic Hollywood love ending. I never got to see this scene in my game; for some reason it merely ended rather than going through the ending scenes. But a properly written one would have this scene, and the comment about the 'botched' ending suggests it was not.

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