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Dammit Syrnl! Why can't you just let me get on with my life and stop chasing me for so called "Final Battles!", because they never are! Just because you're my twin cousing doesn't mean you have to follow me around.

Syrnl: Because I'm supposed to kill you, Rwos and Death. My contractor should be here any moment now...

*A cowled man stands up. He is the same height as the two, and oddly the same build. He throws off his cowl, and he looks exacly like Deac and Syrnl in one body*

Deac Darkstar: I brought you here because I want you all dead. I am Deac Darkstar, out of both your blood. There is no wrong; there is no right, there is only ME!

*Deac Darkstar extends a double ended saber...*

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