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In the City of Tener'ixal, Outskirts

"If you're thinking the Purge has reached the Forest of Trepidation faster than any one of us could have ever calculated, you've read my mind," Per'dra said. "Methinks we're going to have to unsheath our weapons here in Tener'ixal, whether we like it or not." She took a deep breath. "By the way, well done against that archer, Zherybukh! I would have hated to see you lose, especially to such a sniveling coward as he was." Squaring her shoulders, she then looked at Emi. "I'm--glad you're all right," she stuttered, at a complete loss for words since she couldn't congratulate her on having consumed a soul...What was worse, if the Purge arrived, there would be more deaths!

Squinting into the treetops a little bit further, she spotted two familiar figures dashing toward her. One was a full-blooded Dark Elf lass, and the other a mysterious humanoid female. The former carried daggers, and the latter a parchment map. "Tegan? Akeirra? What have you found out? Did you manage to convince Un'adrubin to let us go, and get directions to the Auris River?" When Akeirra nodded and handed Per'dra the map, both of them suddenly turned their heads as they heard loud whinnying sounds in the forest below.

One of the archers who had been under Zherybukh's command dashed up to the members of the group. "Away with you!" he cried, pointing to the rhubarb-colored vine nets that had hoisted them all into the city. "Our lord Un'adrubin has summoned several of his finest steeds--those that our scout patrols ride. Our sacred Mother is preparing for war, and it won't be long before our enemy is upon us. If She knows this, then so do we, the True! Hasten towards the destination that awaits you, False Ones, or else there's no way you're going to make it out of the Forest on foot before you're slaughtered. Go, now. Go!"

Per'dra made a quick move to grab one of the nets and descend to the forest floor. As the archer had said, there were several thoroughbred horses standing nearby, tensely waiting to be ridden. All of them seemed perfectly tame, and yet the Bard sensed a blazing inner fire within each of them. She approached a black stallion, petted its neck, and climbed on its bare back.
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