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So I started doing some concept art for the designs of the Sith Lords and I'll post those in a bit. First off though:

For the Sith who is most like Revan and Malak (or thought to be by his followers), I need a name for are some ideas...

Anyway. He was a human Sith who followed Malak during the time of KoTOR and after the Dark Lord's death, he went into seclusion. He spent time studying Sith Artifacts and areas filled with the Force. During this time, he took on the moniker of ______???______ and trained relentlessly in the combat style of Jar'Kai before he mastered the art. He soon found a young and impressionable teenage human female who was filled with fear. She had lost her family on Taris due to Malak's orders and he twisted this fear into anger and hate toward the already dead Sith Lord. He then set her sights on Sith soldiers who served under Malak and had her systematically wipe them out. He then promoted each of their direct underlings and guided them under his new banner. After his apprentice completed her task, he bestowed upon her the title of Darth Fury.

The two rose up and began to recruit many of Revan and Malak's former fleet as well as those who served under Sion by using a unique and delicate balance of intimidation and deception in order to make their followers like them.

DARTH ??? was a Jedi Padawan when Revan and Malak left for the Mandalorian Wars. He wished to go but remained loyal to his master who forbade him. When Revan and Malak returned, his master was slain by multiple Sith troopers and he gave into a fit of anger. It was then that Malak, under Revan's guidance, seduced the young padawan to the Dark Side further and promised him it was better for the galaxy, that it would bring a peace that Jedi would never be able to. He at last fell under constant corruption. Because of his closeness with Malak, when the Sith Lord turned on Revan, he was one of the ones to witness Malak give the order to fire upon Revan's flagship.

He had a confrontation with Darth Bandon briefly before the events directly leading up to theoriginal game and this caused the new Sith to leave immediate vicinity of Malak and to instead keep operations going further from the central command of the Leviathan. He had ordered his vessel to do a routine stop when they were engaged by Republic bounty hunters and other Republic forces during the recall of all Sith ships to the Star Forge. Because of this, he was not present during Malak's death but felt it echo across the Force. He knew it would be his chance but having just now reached the age he would've been preparing for the Jedi Trials -- he believed himself not yet ready to take on the mantle of Dark Lord and instead sought knowledge and power before foolishly claiming the Sith title.

Kaz Aranas, the Kel Dor Jedi Master, was once a prominent member of the order many years before the fall of Revan. He was characteristically smug and easy going but was an ardent defender of the light. As a Jedi Guardian, he and his padawan, Jonira Teerlana (a twi'lek female) sought out various Dark Jedi sects and fought them til victory was achieved. He and his padawan helped various planets during the Mandalorian Wars but only did so under the guidance of the council. They did not fight in them and instead helped either from afar, covertly, or after a planet was already devastated by the fighting. He and his padawan were essentially a "black ops" team for the Jedi Order.

Unbeknownst to the tag team, Revan and Malak had turned to the Dark Side during the war and were abruptly attacked by Revan's forces. Kaz' padawan was struck down and the Jedi Master held out for as long as he could before he was finally overwhelmed and his ship was destroyed. He was forced to flee in his padawan's starfighter and escaped by fleeing to the planet Ilum. It was here that he meditated and secluded himself. He renamed the starfighter the Teerlana as well. He originally wielded a blue lightsaber but during the game he wields a violet saber. In his possession is also his padawan's saber which is orange as well as other lightsabers he crafted while on Ilum.

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