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RECAP (as well as new ideas to flesh out the story more than I already have):

Sith Destroyer (Antagon) - Intro, T3-M4 (save/destroy), escape
Nar Shaddaa - Gavin Voidweller (Republic Soldier) joins you, X-TR8 (if you've killed T3), captured by HK-66
Exchange Yacht - Mandalore/Canderous, escape to Raxus Prime
Raxus Prime - Brianna, HK-47, learn that you needed to rally the Hidden Jedi, Bao-Dur reveals the Ebon Hawk
Sith Destroyer (Virulen) VS. Sith Destroyer (Omyn) - you get caught up in a battle between two ships controlled by Omyn and Virulen. This is where even the Republic Soldier and Mandalore feel his presence. Omyn's larger destroyer soon overtakes Virulen's ship. After being imprisoned on Omyn's ship, you manage to break free and fight through Omyn's destroyer. However the path to the hangar containing the Ebon Hawk is blocked, forcing you to have to board Virulen's ship go around, re-enter Omyn's ship and then finally get to the hangar. During the journey, you will encounter Darth Revenant on Virulen's ship. After a battle with him - where he survives and escapes, you also witness a battle with Omyn and Virulen. Virulen uses a unique lightsaber tactic, Trakata, to deactivate his lightsaber and reactivate it into the gut of Omyn who simply kicked the Virulen away. Virulen, realizing he has lost, pulls his saber from the gut of Omyn and retreats as Omyn pursues him.
Tatooine - Jolee, learn that you needed to meet up with Bastila after your mission
Corellia - This is where you'll find Shen Matale and Rahasia Sandral and the quest Happily Ever After? They wanted to live peacefully and went to Corellia...then the gang violence started getting worse. Their apartment complex is attacked each day and they need your help. After completing the quest, they will offer up some credits which you may take (neutral, overall LS), demand more (DS), or give them some credits to help for their journey (LS). Additionally, if your Perception is high enough you can offer up even more money since you tell them you can sense two beings where Rahasia stands -- she's pregnant (even more LS). Mission and Zaalbar, leaders of the Neo Beks, tell you they need to end the fighting on Corellia first, before they can help you. You can join them and defeat the Black Heth resulting in civilians once again walking the streets and the Czerka guard posts deserted since they're no longer needed or you can side with the Black Heth and defeat the Beks, resulting in the deaths of Mission and Zaalbar as well as the Blach Heth roaming the streets freely and the Czerka Guards dead at their posts. Ifyou sided with the Beks, Mission and Zaalbar will show you to the Corellian Mines to find someone you visited with before..Atton Rand. If you sided with the Heth, the leader will "show you to Atton Rand" but will then try to kill you once inside the mines. You will encounter at least a few Teretateks in the mines as well as some orange crystals (the only area in the game to have orange crystals.) You will eventually encounter Atton in stasis, and a Sith who tells you he serves Darth Sado. After a duel with him, Atton tells you that Bastila chose you for the mission due to your unique skills. You and Atton decide to find the source of the Terentateks and the Sith and find and ancient tomb. Within, you find a hologram of a Sith discussing the True Sith, presumably to the Sith you had just fought. As you leave and get to the Ebon Hawk, you are once again attacked by HK-66 who once again managed to capture you.
Exchange Yacht - The Exchange leader is surprised at your resilience but doubts you'll escape this time. After he leaves. while in holding cells you and your crew decide who should sneak out while you are forced to compete in the arena again. After choosing, you will then fight -- without any weapons this time and against bounty hunters wielding lightsabers. After you defeat them, the person you selected will manage to sneak out and free the rest. You will then have them get to the arena. After doing so, you deactivate and unlock the arena doors. it will cut back to the Jedi Wanderer and you can escape. After getting to the Ebon Hawk and having a space battle, you finally destroy the Yacht once and for all.
Alderaan - After landing, you find a strong Republic presence on the planet. This is where the Ulgo/Organa Feud quest is located as well. After finally gaining an audience with Admiral Onasi, you learn that the Sith do have a small, albeit growing presence on the planet. After leaving the walls of the royal city, you will eventually find the Sith and their camp. It is revealed that they are agents of Darth ??? and his apprentice Darth Fury. After defeated them, Carth reveals that you had apparently been wandering the galaxy and stumbled upon something or someone in the Unknown Regions and had told Bastila of it.
Ilum - Arriving on Ilum, you are attacked by Sith fighters and must defeat them in a small space battle. After landing you find that forces of Darth Sado's and Darth ???'s forces have made the planet a battlefield. There was once a small Republic military outpost that hasn't been heard from. along the way you encounter Kaz Aranas, a Kel Dor Jedi Master who takes you to the crystal caves which have the only locations of the rest of the crystals in the game: blue, green, yellow, cyan, teal, silver, gold, etc. After meditating and learning more about The Force you continue on with your new party member. Arriving at the Republic base, you find that Darth Sado's forces have overrun it. Fighting your way to the end you encounter one of his Warmasters, Darth Detrimus. After defeating him, Kaz tells you that Bastila and you were going to search for whatever it was you found but that you had to rally the Hidden Jedi first...
Sith Destroyer ("Homicai/Necrosis") vs. Sith Destroyer (Virulen): Far from Ilum, you encounter two sith ships and land on the one controlled by Homicai/Necrosis. After fighting you way through, you duelwith Homicai/Necrosiswho manages to narrowly escape. When Homicai/Necrosis' ship is heavily damaged, you realize you need to escape as he presumably did.

That's it for now, the next post will continue where this left off....Korriban, Myrkr, and more!
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