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Exclamation Crew dying on Leviathan

So i'm playing KOTOR for a very first time on my windows 7(intel i7,nvidia geforce gt545,16gb ram),
the game was pretty much bug-less until i hit the leviathan location... i used mission for the rescue and when i reach the detention terminal and try to unlock me,carth and bastila from the cell, it just keeps telling me that my crew died and i have to load the game, since i don't use more than 1 save slot i can't go back anywhere, so i tried last autosave, which was the torture part... i don't know what to do, please help me, i spent so much time on the game because it was my first time playing kotor and i don't want to start over just to find out that i can't pass this level...

for the mods i'm using it's just anakin AOTC hilt and new robe models... but i used kse editor a lot, i don't know if that's relevant...
just please reply
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