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Originally Posted by Ham Yoyo View Post
In TFU the lightsaber is so much easier to use and does so much more damage.
Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
It doesn't take 3 or 4 hits to kill an enemy. The same can't be said about TFU.
im going to have to agree with alexrd on this one; how can you say the lightsaber is more powerful in tfu when it takes several hits to kill a stormtrooper or rebel soldier, and in JA those mobs are always one-hit kills?

however, i do agree that a new jedi knight game ought to have more violent graphics, like the knockback in tfu when you slash someone with your lightsaber.

i think thats what made you say "more damage", ham yoyo -- the graphic effects and knockback physics are better in tfu which makes it look like your enemies are getting more beat up by your saber, but technically speaking, the actual dph (dmg per hit) in the jedi knight games was way higher than in tfu.

however, back to my point. i think a new jedi knight game could take a few leafs out of tfu's book when it comes to lightsaber/environment effects. a super-powered lightsaber, along with better force powers, would make jk4 pretty damn cool.
that being said, i dont want jk4 to be tfu3. i still want the elements of jedi knight, with the awesome graphics and physics that are now available.

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