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Chapter 2: In a galaxy far, far away....

Part 1: Lost

Coruscant, Jedi temple

The library of the Jedi order was empty. No one was there. Suddenly a light appeared and two men fell on a table. << Where are we? >> Nick asked. << We were teleported.>> Christos replied. Scared, nick shouted << Oh. My. Freaking. God.>>.

A 23 year old male Jedi knight with brown eyes and long black hair, wearing a black Jedi robe, came in the library. <<Who are you?!>> He shouted. << I have the same question. >> Christos said. Angrily the Jedi shouted << Don't try to trick me Sith spy!!>>. << Sith? I dont know who are those guys!>> Nick said. The Jedi forced-pushed Nick and Christos on the door.

<< What kind of magic is this? >> Christos and Nick shouted together. << It is called the Force, you morons!!>> the Jedi said.

Then Bastila and other five Jedi came in the library with ten guards. <<I am bastila shan, member of the Jedi order >> Bastila said. << She is hot!>> Nick said to Christos. Christos replied <<Shut up!>>

<< I have some questions for you. You will be arrested. Guards, take them to the prison. >> Bastila shouted. << Sorry my lady, but i wont be arrested.>> Christos shouted!

Then Christos kicked in the face one of the guards, while Nick threw a chair to the other guards. Then they both started to run. One of the guards pulled his blaster and fired at Nick.

<< What are those laser blasters? >> Nick asked. << I dont know, but my traditional pistol is far better.>> Christos replied.

Christos pulled his pistol and fired on the head of one of the guards. <<Only four remain.>> Nick shouted. As they were running, two Jedi stopped them and pulled their lightsabers.

<< What kind of weapons are this laser swords?>> Nick asked. << We will soon learn.>> Christos shouted, as he threw a smoke grenade on the Jedi. << Run to the elevator!! Nick shouted!! They entered the elevator and went to the roof of the temple, only to find Bastila and two Jedi. <<Nick, jump. >> Christos said. Christos pushed Nick and then jumped.

Will they survive?

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